About the Library

Monica Hirschberg, Librarian and Lora Shelly, Library Assistant
The ATS library staff strives to:

  • Foster an excitement for and love of books and research
  • Provide print and multimedia resources to teachers, students, and parents that support the APS and state-wide curricula
  • Instruct students in the use of online databases and the world wide web, while imparting library and research skills
  • Establish an attractive, child friendly environment in which students and staff will become effective users of ideas and information
  • Act as a lead in technology


The library staff believes that the “library should be like a pair of open arms.” Students begin checking out books on the very first day of school. The library is decorated in an engaging manner to interest students. Displays and bulletin boards draw students’ attention to varied library resources and special events. Lessons are designed through collaboration with teachers to help students become effective users of ideas and information.


All students at Arlington Traditional School have the opportunity to check out books once a week during scheduled library class time. Additionally, the library is open for a half-hour at both the beginning and the end of the day for open check out. Students may ask their teachers at any time to come to the library for books.The number of books a students can check out is determined by their grade level:

  • Prekindergarten: one book
  • Kindergarten: one book
  • First grade: one book in the fall, two books beginning in January
  • Second grade: two books
  • Third grade: three books
  • Fourth grade: four books
  • Fifth grade: five books

All books have a two week circulation period, but kindergarten students are encouraged to return books each week in order to learn good library habits. Books that are lost or damaged will need to be paid for or replaced by the end of the school year.

Class visits

All classes visit the library once a week. Prekindergarten through second grade come to the library for 30 minutes each week, while third, fourth, and fifth grades have 45-minute library lessons.




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