Students learn best when they attend school regularly.  ATS will monitor absences and tardiness (late arrival to school) of all students. Parents are discouraged from planning trips or vacations that will cause their child to be absent from school.

To assist school staff in monitoring the safety of students, parents should notify ATS if your child will be absent from school. If your child is in Extended Day, you should also notify the Extended Day staff.

The following information is from The PARENT Institute (

Attendance is key to your student’s success. Schools are responsible for teaching your child. But schools can’t do their job if your child is absent. Learning builds day by day. A child who misses a day of school misses a day of learning. Here’s how you can improve your child’s school attendance:

  • Talk with your child about why it’s important to attend school regularly.
  • Avoid scheduling family trips or doctor appointments during school hours.
  • Make sure your child stays healthy by eating nutritious food and getting enough sleep and exercise.
  • Don’t accept excuses for why your child “must” miss or be late for school.
  • Discuss with your child what happened at school each day.
  • Support school rules and consequences for skipping class and being tardy.
  • Show your child why education is important. Give specific examples of how education helps people succeed.
  • Lead by example. If children see parents taking off work for no real reason, they may expect to be able to do the same thing.