High Expectations for All Students

Ipad4       High Expectations
Our school colors, blue and gold, signify the importance of individual achievement and the Golden Rule. We show our school spirit on Fridays by wearing blue and gold colors or our school shirts. Our school’s ABC’s of SuccessAcademics, Behavior and Character (trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship) are embedded in the school’s established philosophy and program.

Arlington Traditional School’s commitment to excellence and allegiance to traditional values is reflected in our grading policy, dress standard, and behavior guidelines. Parents and teachers expect all students to strive to attain their very best in every facet of school life. This is reflected in our grading scale:

95 – 100 =A
86 – 94 = B
75 – 85 = C
70 – 74 = D
0 – 69 = E

Through high expectations and encouragement, all students are challenged to achieve their fullest potential in all curriculum areas.

Reading/ Language Arts

  • Summer reading challenge
  • Fall reading carnival day
  • Literacy Lunch
  • Phonics
  • Word Study
  • Robust Vocabulary
  • Junior Great Books
  • Reading Is Fundamental (RIF)
  • Writers’ Workshop
  • Word Masters challenge meets
  • Literary magazine


  • Use of investigations and problem solving
  • Calendar math
  • Use of math manipulatives
  • Math Month and Math Day
  • Continental Math League contests
  • Virginia Math League contests
  • Math Enrichment

Social Studies

  • Use of children’s literature
  • Field trips and class programs
  • National Geography Bee
  • Social Studies Alive!


  • Emphasis on “hands-on” science and the scientific method
  • Outdoor education
  • Science and Technology Day
  • Science Fair projects required for all students in grades three through five

Leadership and Citizenship

  • Community service projects
  • Partnership with Arlington Academy of Hope in Uganda, Africa
  • Student Council Association (SCA)
  • School Store
  • Safety Patrols (all 5th graders)
  • Yearbook
  • Gold Stars Mentoring

Technology and Information

  • 2 Mobile iPad Carts
  • 2 Mobile Dell PC Labs
  • iPad 1:1 Integration in 2nd, 4th, & 5th grades
  • Interactive SMART boards in all classrooms
  • Integration electronic  devices into the curriculum
  • Research and information skills