Behavior at Arlington Traditional School

Behavior 1

Arlington Traditional School provides each student with the maximum opportunity to acquire an education. No student has the right to interfere with this opportunity by his/her actions, poor manners, or lack of consideration. All rules and regulations are developed and enforced with this thought in mind. School rules apply on the school grounds, going to and from school grounds, and at any event where Arlington Traditional School is represented, regardless of location. Good discipline is necessary in order to have a climate conducive to maximum academic growth. Parents will be informed of behavioral situations involving their child that the school staff feels is of serious consideration. The teachers, counselor, and administrators are always willing to meet with parents to discuss problems concerning a child and to plan cooperatively actions for improvement. Please encourage your child to observe the school rules. The rules are designed to help all children acquire the best education possible. Self-discipline is extremely important in large group living, such as in a school. As one of its major objectives, Arlington Traditional School hopes to contribute, along with the family and other agencies which influence the child, to the development of positive attitudes towards one’s self, our society and environment. The following standards for behavior at Arlington Traditional are based on respect and courtesy.