Custodian Team

Amara Chin Head Custodian AM           Todd McDaniel Head Custodian PM

Extended Day Team

Kim Byrd Supervisor         Daniel Estes Assistant Supervisor         The extended day program is childcare offered to working parents.   It offers a variety of activities from art, games, homework club, drawing club, STEM, outside games and  gym.  The staff picks up the students each day and are ready to […]

Support Team

  Toni Wexler Reading/Language Arts Teacher           Jill Congelio Reading/Language Arts Teacher           Marie Hone IT Coordinator           Nathan Pipke School Testing Coordinator         Victoria Metz Bilingual Family Specialist           Zaya Coughlin Bilingual Family Specialist   […]

Cafeteria Team

Destaye Yoseph Cafeteria Manager         Bibi Sayera Cafeteria Assistant

Clinic Team

(703) 228 7676 Ashley Pearson Nurse         Martha Baunstein Clinic Aide

Office Team

Lisa Payne Principal’s Assistant           Melissa Blumenthal Registrar           Joselin Carballo Attendance           Sandra Ormeno Treasurer           Barbara Spalding-Campbell SPED Coordinator

Admin Team

Sam Podbelski Principal           Inga Schoenbrun Assistant Principal      

Special Education Team

Rebecca Pfouts-Butera Special Ed Teacher, Kindergarten             Heather Hatalosky Special Ed Teacher, 1st grade           Courtney Riley Special Ed Teacher, 2nd grade             Alexandra Cozell Special Ed Teacher, 3rd grade           Ashley Berger Special Ed Teacher, 4th […]

English Learners (EL) Team

Stephanie Byrne EL Teacher             Monica Hirschberg EL Teacher             Cynthia Long EL Teacher           Janette Mason EL Teacher             Amber Mollet EL Teacher             Rista Brown EL Assistant     […]