Alexis Marsella

Alexis Marsella
Alexis Marsella, Teacher

My name is

Ms. Marsella

I am from the great state of Rhode Island.

An interesting fact about me is that I love to play board games and go sailing!

My favorite children’s book is the Percy Jackson series!!

My favorite place to visit is Watch Hill Beach in RI. It has a beautiful light house and its a great place to listen to the crashing of the waves and see the ocean.

What I love about the ATS family is that everyone cares about each other. My favorite part of every day is when former students come back to say hello and meet my current class!


  • Mathematics - Grade 3
  • Reading - Grade 3
  • Language Arts - Grade 3
  • Homeroom - Grade 3
  • Social Studies - Grade 3
  • Science - Grade 3