Anna Barba

Anna Barba
Classroom Teacher, 4th Grade

My name is

Anna Barba

I am from New York but my mommy and daddy were born in Italy. #YankeesRule #ForzaItalia

An interesting fact about me is that I lived in Italy for 2 years and I am bilingual.

Today, my favorite book would be The Survivor Tree by Marcie Colleen, but that changes every day!

My favorite place to visit is Fire Island in New York but to be honest anywhere there is a beach.

What I love about the ATS family is that I learn so much about different cultures and ethnicities that make up my school community.

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Anna Barba

@bookthreader Congrats! Can’t wait to share The Star Festival with my kiddos this year.
Published September 26, 22 5:54PM


  • Homeroom - Grade 4
  • Mathematics - Grade 4
  • Language Arts - Grade 4
  • Social Studies - Grade 4
  • Reading - Grade 4
  • Science - Grade 4