Caitlin Franz

Resource Teacher for the Gifted

As the Resource Teacher for the Gifted, my role is to advocate for an enriched curriculum for gifted learners. I work will all students in kindergarten through fifth grade, teaching lessons that utilize Critical and Creative Thinking strategies. My focus throughout the school year is to work with teachers on how to provide daily differentiation; helping them to design and utilize curriculum resources written specifically for gifted learners. My role is multi-dimensional and I collaborate with teams throughout our school and county to provide Gifted Services for our ATS Stars.

Professional Background
I graduated from St.John Fisher College with a B.S. in Childhood and Special Education. After undergraduate, I decided to get my Masters of Education in Multicultural education from SUNY Geneseo. After graduation, I taught Special Education in Rochester City School District for two years until I decided to move to Virginia! I started working for APS at McKinley Elementary for seven years teaching 2nd and 3rd grade. This is my first year as a RTG and ATS and I am very excited to have my own class!

Personal Interests
I am a resident of Arlington, VA who grew up in Buffalo, NY. So naturally, I am a Buffalo Bills fan (this is our year #SuperBowl…haha!). I am a workout enthusiast who loves CrossFit and coaches Kickboxing lessons.  In my spare time you can usually find me reading a new nonfiction book outside or hanging out with my 4 year old golden retriever, Callie. Last but not least, I believe that ice cream should be its own food group! 😉

Literary Connection
Growing up, reading was not my favorite subject or thing to do. Throughout my elementary years, I found reading to be challenging and even daunting at times. My lack of enthusiasm for reading was my driving force to become an elementary teacher. I wanted to turn my negative experience into a positive one for my future students. One of my favorite college courses I studied was Children’s Literature, where I was exposed to so many ways to incorporate reading into the curriculum. I just fell in love with children books and couldn’t wait to share what I learned with children! One of my favorite authors is Kate DiCamillo who wrote The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, such a great story!  Now I have a true love of reading and enjoy reading educational books and books on meditation/mindfulness!