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Cynthia Long
EL Teacher


As an EL teacher, my role is to create a conducive environment for language acquisition and content knowledge learning. I focus on creating a nurturing environment, where language and ideas are practiced and shared, and language learning is embraced by students. My responsibility is to coach EL learners to help them realize each attainable goal in language acquisition. I help them hurdle linguistic challenges, while teaching content and grade level objectives. I enjoy being creative and empowering. I’ve learned, teaching EL requires skill at balancing curriculum objectives, modifying  linguistic demands, as well as teaching American culture and the school culture of the US.

Professional Background

Formally educated in Bolivia and the US, I’m a George Mason University (GMU) baccalaureate (BA English), and a Marymount University Master (M. Ed). I hold degrees in English and Education. I’ve taught in Washington DC, Fairfax & in the DOD Dependent Schools. I began my teaching career in the Philippines where I taught multi-grade EL classes for the Department of Defense Dependent Schools. I’ve taught in Barrett Elementary (12 years) in 2nd through 4th grade classrooms, and as an EL teacher. I’ve held similar positions at Carlin Springs Elementary and Williamsburg Middle School.  I’ve served as an Arlington County educator for over 28 years.

Personal Interests

Traveling the globe with my husband of 26 years, sightseeing and dissecting public transportation systems, local trains while sampling ice cream & sorbet is how I spend many vacations. I also enjoy sharing travel stories, I have some good ones! I love relaxing at the beach, and especially love beach towns all over the world. It’s an odd juxtaposition but it’s the best of both worlds, think Albufeira, Nice, Mombasa or Miami Beach. I have a deep interest in textile arts and indigenous textiles, I believe my interest came at an early age from Bolivian textiles my mother had in our house brought from her country. I love to sew when I have time, I picked up an embroidery needle this summer which I haven’t done for over 20 years. I absolutely love hand sewn embroidery and would love to spend more time stitching.

Literary Connection

Where do I begin ?!? …  I love reading everything but mostly narrative nonfiction or historical fiction, I especially love era’s around the 1870-1920’s (especially WWI as a setting). I enjoy reading biographies, and have an odd fixation on Annie Oakley (the first biography and chapter book encounter, as a child.)