David Butala

David Butala
Special Education Assistant








My role as a teacher’s Assistant is to collaboratively work with classroom teachers to support learning for the academic growth of each child. As an educator, my philosophy has always been a basic one – work hard, keep smiling, and simply be a good person in nurturing the incredible gifts of young people; often hungry for learning and direction. I’m happy to be working with APS, specifically ATS to deliver coordinated learning either on one on one or small groups of students in our multi-cultural community.

Professional Background
I graduated from Makerere University, Uganda with a B.A/Ed.  and most recently an M.Ed. graduate from Marymount University. I taught History and Economics in high school, and progressively held some administrative school positions at Makerere High School Migadde, St Julian High school and Faith high school in Uganda. Additionally, I have coordinated students graduating from the Arlington Academy of Hope programs (AAH), an organization in which I have voluntarily helped students with admissions at various high schools and colleges as well as assisting those applying into universities to make appropriate career choices. I worked with various administrators at their institutions to ensure they settled in well and were coping with their rigorous academic and social expectations.  AAH partners with communities in rural Uganda to improve the quality of Education, Health Care and Community Development. I emigrated to America as a green card holder in 2017 and started subbing with APS in 2018. I’m working so hard to cope with the learning opportunities of my new work environment.

Personal Interests
Born and raised in the mountainous hills of eastern Uganda, my memories are still vivid about our crude Agricultural practices, bush hunting, trekking approximately 14 miles daily to attend a relatively “good school” at least one with desks and a regular teacher in the classroom. I can say that i was one of the few lucky ones to beat the odds and emerge from this community that did not value education. Shaped by these circumstances, I set my goals to become a teacher, and strive to change this perception. So glad that with support from friends and family, this is becoming a reality. I enjoy my free time with family both here and in Uganda, and occasionally discuss ways to support the community . My wife and I plus our 3 wonderful kids form up a team with shared interests and values, and have no difficulty keeping indoors for a full week, but could smile big without the pandemic. I used to play soccer up to college, but unfortunately now I’m relegated to more of TV watching and light plays with kids in neighborhood. I love cooking and eating Ugandan “chapatti” (flat bread) with beans.

Literary Connection
I admire readers because I missed the inspiration to develop a great reading culture right from elementary school. so glad ATS has a summer reading challenge for students. This summer I have enjoyed reading aloud with my kids though not sure we have reached our set goal. We read and acted the famous story book by Jerry Weiss -The first grade teacher reads to her students the story of the 3 ” Big Billy goats Gruff” and the mean troll who guarded the bridge. It’s amazing looking at the reasons why students wanted to act in this story- Knock the mean old troll off the bridge. The kids in class heard the same story but gave very distinct responses. I realize that each child is incredibly gifted differently, and have perceptions and opinions on various subject matters. I enjoy listening to them as they express themselves to discover the purpose and meaning even in small things that happen in the classroom. It’s amazing it is so true that kids have very unique strategies to solve  some real classroom struggles- All they need is our motivation and invitation. So fulfilling if can help them to understand the material and adapt the information to their uniquely learning styles.