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Janette Mason
EL Teacher

Professional Background

In my early teaching career, I taught high and middle school Spanish, and elementary EL learners.   Once I taught at the elementary level,  I knew this was the area for professional growth and investment.   I enrolled at the University of Virginia and earned my M. Ed. in Reading Education in 2001.  With a strong desire to live abroad, I took a job in Tianjin, China, teaching EL learners and Spanish!  These were middle and high school students and the experience was rewarding.  I also knew that, once I returned stateside, I’d go back to my favorite level:  elementary!   This happened when I returned to Virginia.  I got a position as a Reading Specialist, and continued to teach reading for the next 14 years, ten of those years here in Arlington.  I pivoted to teach elementary Spanish for three years before arriving at ATS.  This year, I will return once again to EL teaching in grades K and 1.

Personal Interests

I have become an avid native plant gardener, as well as a staunch supporter of pollinators, such as bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.   I volunteer in a few garden spaces and also maintain my own pollinator meadow hosted at Randolph Elementary.  I was a runner in high school and have just taken up running once again at the local high school track.  My parents are both from London, England.  I love the tradition of drinking tea.  I drink it at home and enjoy serving tea to friends.

Literary Connection

I have always loved the story called “The Empty Pot”  by Demi.  The story takes place in China!  In this story, the emperor sponsors a contest to determine which child, throughout the village, can grow the biggest plant and earn a valued prize.  As the competition begins, one child’s plant will not grow.  I will not give away the ending to the story, but will let you know that the plot takes an unexpected turn.  “The Empty Pot”  teaches the values of honesty, integrity, character, and individuality.