Maria Barreda

Maria Barreda








Foreign Language in the Elementary Schools (FLES) Teacher

As a Spanish and Art teacher, my goal is to introduce students to a new language and new cultures, as well as to improve our native speakers use of Spanish. I work hard on making everyone enjoy learning something new and feel safe to make mistakes in their education process. Students in my classroom have fun through storytelling, art, and music, all in the target language following Comprehensible Input techniques.

Professional Background
My career began as a Professional Graphic Designer. I started teaching graphic design, drawing, and English in Mexico in 2000. Upon coming to Virginia, I chose a formal career in teaching Spanish and Art. I have been a Spanish Teacher at ATS since 2015.  I attained a Licentiate Degree in Graphics Design from LaSalle University in Mexico (a Licentiate Degree is equivalent to a Master’s degree) and Professional Teaching Certifications from the University of Virginia Wise.

Personal Interests
I was born and raised in Mexico and moved to Virginia with my husband and son in 2012. My family and my two dogs are the center of my life. Other passions are painting, singing, crochet, cooking, and baking; I paint watercolors, pastel, acrylic, and  digital art. I also enjoy working on different creative projects at home.

Literary Connection
One of my favorite books is “I’m Not Just A Scribble” by Diane Alber, which gives us a great lesson on acceptance, tolerance and embracing each other’s differences. At the same time, it is a creativity lesson for everyone, where you can find a whole character out from a simple scribble.


Published December 31, 69 5:00PM


  • Spanish - Grade 3
  • Spanish - Grade 4
  • Art - Pre-Kindergarten
  • Spanish - Kindergarten
  • Spanish - Grade 2
  • Spanish - Grade 5
  • Spanish - Grade 1