Maureen Boucher

Maureen Boucher

Maureen Boucher
Teacher, Third Grade


As a classroom teacher I aim to inspire students to learn so that they can facilitate their own education. My main goals are to make the material accessible, captivating, and culturally relevant to students’ lives. I want them to ask and pursue critically reflective questions about the world in which we live. I hope to broaden my students’ worldview, and I want them to develop a greater understanding and sense of compassion for the lives of others. Each group of individuals who enters my classroom convinces me that I must continually adjust my teaching style. I must adjust my teaching style to the diverse needs and gifts of my students in the hopes that they can become proficient writers, voracious readers, adept mathematicians, critically reflective thinkers, and “change makers” within our society.

Professional Background

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Spanish from Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York. I played division I Lacrosse and was a music and academic scholarship recipient. I was also head of academic affairs for my college, the only student with a voting role on a faculty board. At Marist, I carefully maintained a high standard of academics and extracurriculars and graduated with honors. I received a Masters in Elementary Education from Trinity Washington University and a Graduate Certificate in Mind, Brain, & Teaching (Neuroscience in Education) from Johns Hopkins University. This is my 11th year of teaching and I have taught most elementary grade levels in one capacity or another, library, as well as math and reading resource, with some positions in tandem. I have taught in DC public, private, and catholic schools. My love for learning extends far beyond the classroom- and in my personal life, I continually strive to continue to learn and apply that knowledge to my teaching.

Personal Interests

I have many hobbies and interests. I am a potter, scuba diver, love to create art, a potter, fossil enthusiast, gardener, avid reader, lacrosse coach, singer, music aficionado, and enjoy sports and activities. I like to explore and be outside in nature. I also love all animals, especially dogs. I love my dachshund, Riley, and hope that one day he might meet you. Additionally, for the past four years I have served my neighborhood as an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner. As a locally elected, non-partisan, government official, I represent my community as their “voice” and intermediary to government agencies, including the DC Council and the Mayor.

Literary Connection

The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf is one of my favorite books. The book tells the story of Ferdinand, a bull in Spain who would rather “sit quietly out under the tree” and smell flowers, than fight in the bull fighting arena. Ferdinand is a peaceful bull when compared with all the other young bulls who like to run and buck in the pasture. When five men come to take the biggest and roughest bull away, Ferdinand stays calm and content. Suddenly, a bee stings Ferdinand. Startled, he loses control, bucking and fussing more than anyone else! Assuming that he is a very fierce bull, the men take Ferdinand away force him into the fighting ring. They become very angry and surprised when Ferdinand refuses to fight. The Story of Ferdinand is an example of a young protagonist who grows up very comfortable in his own skin and with his own decisions, but is soon confronted with difficult situations that challenge his peaceful way of life. Ultimately, Ferdinand decides not to be like all the other bulls does not fight. He reminds us to be true to ourselves.


  • Homeroom - Grade 5
  • Reading - Grade 5
  • Mathematics - Grade 5
  • Science - Grade 5
  • Social Studies - Grade 5
  • Language Arts - Grade 5