Nephie Snider

Nephie Snider

Classroom Teacher

3rd Grade


I am a third grade classroom teacher. I am so excited to begin my journey as an elementary school teacher at Arlington Traditional. Go Stars/Readers!

Professional Background

I earned my undergraduate degree in English with a minor in Social Justice from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities in 2014. For six years, I worked with adults in the yoga and fitness industry. I ran my own yoga and fitness business, worked full-time at Yoga Alliance, and trained clients full-time at Anytime Fitness. When COVID-19 began in 2020, I took the massive shutdowns as an opportunity to transition my career. I earned my Master’s degree in Education at George Washington University and have been teaching kids ever since!

Personal Interests

I love spending time outdoors with my partner and dogs. I also like to relax by watching comedy specials or reading fiction.

Literary Connection

There are so many good books! I enjoy the work of Mary Oliver. She writes lovely poems about nature that remind me of relaxing outside with my loved ones.


  • Science - Grade 3
  • Homeroom - Grade 3
  • Mathematics - Grade 3
  • Reading - Grade 3
  • Social Studies - Grade 3
  • Language Arts - Grade 3