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David Butala

              Role My role as a teacher’s Assistant is to collaboratively work with classroom teachers to support learning for the academic growth of each child. As an educator, my philosophy has always been a basic one – work hard, keep smiling, and simply be a good person in nurturing […]

Victoria Metz

My name is Ms. Metz I was born in Boston, MA. An interesting fact about me is that I was raised in Paris, France and Quito, Ecuador. My favorite children’s book is Good Night Moon by Margaret Wise Brown. My favorite place to visit is Quito to enjoy food, culture and spend time with family […]

Donald Martin

                Role My role as a 5th Grade Classroom Teacher is to create an engaging and safe environment in the classroom where curiosity and creativity are nurtured. Teaching all the subjects to one group of students allows me to integrate subjects together and help students learn the interconnections […]

Courtney Riley

                Role As a Special Education Resource Teacher, my role is to create a safe and supportive environment where instruction is specialized in order to meet the needs and augment the strengths of each student. I strive to support my pupil’s social emotional growth and  allow them to […]

Marissa Works

              Vocal Music Teacher Role Vocal Music & Chorus Teacher, PreK-5: As a music educator, it is my role to bring joy and artistry to the lives of my students, and further, to equip them with the confidence to creatively express themselves and use their voices in a meaningful […]

Janette Mason

              Janette Mason EL Teacher Professional Background In my early teaching career, I taught high and middle school Spanish, and elementary EL learners.   Once I taught at the elementary level,  I knew this was the area for professional growth and investment.   I enrolled at the University of Virginia and […]

Cynthia Long

        Cynthia Long EL Teacher Role As an EL teacher, my role is to create a conducive environment for language acquisition and content knowledge learning. I focus on creating a nurturing environment, where language and ideas are practiced and shared, and language learning is embraced by students. My responsibility is to coach […]

Maureen Boucher

Maureen Boucher Teacher, Third Grade Role As a classroom teacher I aim to inspire students to learn so that they can facilitate their own education. My main goals are to make the material accessible, captivating, and culturally relevant to students’ lives. I want them to ask and pursue critically reflective questions about the world in […]

Kamera Grant

              Kamera Grant Third Grade Role My role as a classroom teacher is to teach my students not only the required standards, but how to cooperate and communicate with their fellow classmates. I want to create a caring and safe classroom community where students feel comfortable making mistakes and […]

Stephanie Byrne

              Stephanie Byrne EL Teacher Role Languages are a passion of mine and I am excited to work with and get to know my EL students and their families. My role will be advocating for their needs, collaborating with ATS staff and being the cultural bridge between the two. […]