Theresa Ducassoux

Theresa Ducassoux
Instrumental Music Teacher

My goal as a music teacher is to help all students find a love and a passion for making music. Music is a vital part of everyone’s life, and I love that students at ATS get to explore and create music through playing band and orchestra instruments! I strive for all students to learn the fundamentals of playing their instrument and reading music. Through learning, practicing, and performing at various school events, I hope that all students love the experience of playing their instruments!

Professional Background
I have been making music almost my entire life, starting with piano lessons at a very young age. I received a B.S. in Music Education from Penn State University and played in many of their musical ensembles, including the well-known Marching Blue Band. I later attended West Chester University where I earned a M.M. in Wind Conducting. For thirteen years I taught music in Southeast Pennsylvania in a variety of settings. I moved to Northern Virginia in 2016 and have been teaching at ATS ever since!

Personal Interests
As a music teacher, making music is also one of my passions! I play the french horn and piano in a local community concert band. In addition to music, I enjoy running, baking, sewing, reading, and spending time with my husband, our two dog, and two cats.

Literary Connection
I have always loved the book, “Zin! Zin! Zin! a Violin!” The book beautifully describes each instrument of the orchestra through elegant text and colorful illustrations. The story begins with one solo trombone and as new instruments are introduced they form a duo, a trio, and more! The short rhyming text and illustrations work together to tell a great story.


Published December 31, 69 5:00PM