Verónica Pérez

PerezMy name is

Ms. Pérez

I am from Rincón, Puerto Rico.

An interesting fact about me is that I had a pet pig growing up!

My favorite children’s book is “I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More” by Karen Beaumont.

My favorite place to visit is Puerto Rico. I visit  once or twice a year to be able to spend time with my extended family and friends. I love the pristine beaches, the music and the art festivals. Seafood “mofongo” is my favorite food. My favorite thing to do while at the island is to sit with my mom on her balcony to watch the sunsets.

What I love about the ATS family is how professional and supportive everyone is. I also love seeing the beautiful children artwork around the school. The Living Wax Museum is probably one of my favorite school traditions.

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Veronica Perez (she/her)

RT @BarredArte: It was great to see our artists and their families last night at the reception for the 2023 Elementary School Art Show. @AP
Published February 02, 23 7:30AM


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