Virginia Readers’ Choice and March Book Madness

Arlington Traditional School encourages students to read a variety of books and highlights award winners as well as books from the Virginia Readers’ Choice Program and March Book Madness competition.

Virginia Readers’ Choice (VRC)
The VRC program encourages students to read or listen to a variety of high-quality children’s books. Ten books are nominated by the Virginia State Reading Association (VSRA) in two categories: primary (grades K-2) and elementary (grades 3-5). Students across Virginia read the books and vote for their favorites in April. The winners are announced in the beginning of May. At ATS, students in all grades listen to the books read aloud during library lessons. Additionally, students in grades 3-5 are encouraged to read the elementary chapter books independently after being introduced to them during their library classes.
VRC website
Virginia Readers’ Choice Read Alouds

March Book Madness
March Book Madness has grown into a world-wide competition of books created by two teachers from Ohio that is based on the college basketball tournament. 16 books are nominated by the committee in each of the two categories: Picture Books (grades K-3) and Middle Grade Books (grades 4 and 5). All students at ATS listen to books from the Picture Book category during their library class times and students in grades 4 and 5 are encouraged to read the Middle Grade Chapter Books independently. Voting begins in early March with match-ups each week until a final Champion in each category  is announced after 4 weeks of voting. The goal of the competition is simply to promote the love of reading and challenge students to read books that they might not normally choose to read. The books selected by the committee highlight a yearly theme.
MBM website:

Both of the above sites list previously nominated books and winners and they are ALL great books for you to read! ATS has all of the books in print and ebook formats available for checkout. Another great resource is the Arlington Public library, but because of their popularity, you may want to put them on hold with your library card. Happy reading!

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