Reading Challenge

ATS readers will be roaring this summer!

In keeping with a treasured ATS tradition, we are excited to announce our 2023 Summer Reading Challenge: Wild About Books! Staff at ATS challenge each student to read 50 books this summer! You know that reading is an essential part of learning. As such, completing this reading challenge is a must do – it is required.Here are the steps to complete your super Summer Reading Challenge:1. Enjoy reading 50 books you choose this summer! As you wriggle, leap, waddle, swim, gallop, slither, jump, and soar into the wild world of reading, record your books on the back of the challenge. Be sure to start with number one! For those reading chapter books, 25 pages = 1 book. If you are a student entering Kindergarten, books may be read to you!2. Remember that character counts! Show your ATS character by completing 10 admirable deeds and record those on the back of the challenge.3. Demonstrate your knowledge of the world by labeling the continents and oceans. Have fun matching the correct animal with their image!4. Finally, return to ATS in August with your completed reading challenge and share all the wonderful books you’ve read and things you’ve learned along the way!Students who read all 50 books this summer will receive a Wild About Books! certificate and t-shirt as well as have the opportunity to participate in a special Reading Carnival Day in the fall.

So howl, growl, meow and get wild about reading this summer!

Happy Reading


If you misplaced your Reading Challenge, it can be reprinted below.

2023 Summer Reading Challenge – Inside

2023 Summer Reading Challenge – Back Cover