Reading Challenge

Dear ATS Students and Parents,

The coronavirus pandemic will not keep ATS students from our traditional Summer Reading Challenge! The staff and I challenge YOU to read 50 books this summer for our annual summer reading challenge: PAWS to Read! We all know that reading is an essential part of learning,therefore, this reading challenge is a Must Do – it is required. Parents, please help your child(ren)complete the challenge and have them bring their completed reading challenge on their first day back to school.

Here are the steps to completing your super summer Reading Challenge:

  1. Read 50 books this summer! As you rrrread, write the title or chapter of your book on the grrrreading log. Make sure to start with number one!
  2. For those who read chapter books, 25 pages = 1 book. If you are a student entering kindergarten, you may have the books read to you.
  3. As you wag your way through each book, make sure you are also being a grrrrreat citizen by completing 10 good deeds. Write the deeds on the enclosed “Character Counts”bookbark and bring that to school on the first day too.
  4. Don’t forget to pounce on some crayons or colored pencils and color your reading log and bookbark!

Enjoy reading any books you choose this summer. Then come back on the first day of school ready to share everything you have learned and the wonderful books you have read! If Arlington Public Library has a summer challenge as well, you may use the same books you read to complete it.

Students who read all 50 books this summer will receive a PAWS to Read! certificate and t-shirt as well as have the opportunity to participate in a special Reading Carnival Day in the fall. Remember to show good character, too!

We hope you have a captivating summer filled with lots of grrrreat reading!

We miss and love you,
Holly Hawthorne, Principal

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